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EPQ01 ?ciereczka z mikrofibry zielona
EPQ01 ?ciereczka z mikrofibry zielonaEPQ01 ?ciereczka z mikrofibry zielona

EPQ01 ?ciereczka z mikrofibry zielona



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A delicate cloth made of high weight microfibers (320 g/m²). The cloth can be used to clean all kinds of smooth surfaces such as ceramics, glass, metal, plastics and wood. It can be used both dry and wet. Used dry, thanks to its electrostatic properties, it perfectly attracts dust and loose dirt particles. However, used wet removes even the most resistant dirt. It is soft and pleasant to the touch, does not leave streaks or stains, after washing you do not need to polish the cleaned surfaces. It absorbs dirt and water perfectly, it can absorb up to seven times more water than it weighs. The cloth is very durable does not lose its properties even after many washes. It should be washed without using softeners.


EAN: 5902537817784 SKU: EPQ01
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EPQ01 ?ciereczka z mikrofibry zielona

EPQ01 ?ciereczka z mikrofibry zielona


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